Thermoforming is a process that through heat and a vacuum suction, molds a sheet of thermoplastic materials to the surface of the mold.

It is possible to make even large objects such as car dashboards, spoilers for vehicle cabs, etc.

Different materials with different surfaces and colors are available.

We take care in-house of adapting your design to the thermoforming process by designing moulds and adaptations in order to make the model feasible.

We design and build the mold for machining and then proceed directly to machining.

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Various types of materials suitable for any customer’s needs are commercially available.

Those most commonly used are ABS, polystyrene, polycarbonate, PETG.

All in different thicknesses.


We deal with small, medium and large series productions.



Using cnc robots, we trim the excess part with a precise and clean cut adding holes and slots where necessary, all managed by numerical control.