The sandblasting process makes it possible to eliminate the slight machining marks of numerical control productions, allows objects to be cleaned of wear residues, paints, dirt bringing the object back to the condition of new.

Different grit sizes and ball material can be used depending on the processing and the material to be processed.

Processing can be done either manually for individual items or small batches or industrially for large batches.

Shot peening

The difference between sandblasting and shot peening is that the former is used to clean or smooth the surface, while the latter works on its plasticity and strength. In fact, this treatment causes compression and plastic deformation of the surfaces. The result of shot peening is this: the material is made more resistant to stress and fatigue.


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Light sandblasting with ceramic microspheres

Light sandblasting allows minimal roughness to be left on the surface, which is suitable for machining where work only needs to be done to aesthetically even out the surface and remove only minor defects.

It is a workmanship that is done exclusively by hand in order to go and take care of the object down to the smallest detail.

Workable quantities

We can work from single model (usually at prototype level) to large series.