The painting process is the phase that concludes the production cycle and is the most important one on the aesthetic level as the final aesthetic level of production depends on it; it is precisely for this reason that we treat the models with special attention down to the smallest details.

On the side, we have included the types of paints available.

We have no quantity problems, as we can paint from single prototype to large production.

Liquid paint

This paint job is the most classic, that is, it is the typical bodywork paint job, which can be applied to any material suitable for painting. All colors of the RAL scale are available.

Ask us about the specific paints best suited for your project.

Powder coating

It is a paint that is widely used industrially as it is very durable. The parts are coated with specific powders that adhere to the model by an electrostatic effect and then placed in an oven where the paint melts, creating an adherent layer.

Several shades of colors are available.

We can only process metallic materials, galvanized metals and aluminum alloys.

Soft touch effect painting

The soft touch effect creates on the object a surface a tactile sensation like silk, very fine velvet; it is a special coating that is used both at the prototype level and at the level of large series.

Vacuum metallization

This technology is widely used to chrome the inside of car headlights so that light is reflected. The chrome film created is very delicate and is not suitable for use with rubbing, wear, etc. Chrome plating is applied to the object inside a high vacuum autoclave. Different types of materials can be processed.

Painting prototypes

Prototypes and small series, are painted by hand starting with primer application, sanding, filling, painting, and application of additional aesthetic coating such as protective gloss or soft touch paint.