dimensional check

Dimensional verifications

After producing a model by injection molding, for example, of having to check its geometry in order to determine whether the result is correct or has suffered too much shrinkage due to cooling.

Dimensional verification does just that, it ceritifies whether the model produced matches the model in the 3d math by providing a clear and simple report of where there has been deformation.

Of course, any type of object can be checked.

In order to produce the dimensional report, it is necessary to make a 3d scan of the model to be verified and then with special post-scanning software, the report is produced.

dimensional verification

Learn about the application areas for dimensional verifications.

Fields of application

There are many contexts that need to be able to digitally verify their objects, from automotive to erospace to medical or miscellaneous objects.

The tools and software used are professional-grade so as to eliminate any type or margin of error.