digital print

Digital printing on objects

Digital printing on objects allows customization of objects by affixing logos or designs.

It is widely used in the gadget industry for example to personalize USB flash drives, pens, diaries, etc.

The UV printer works extensively like a classic printer that prints on paper, only instead of stamaping on paper, it prints on objects.

The definition of color and detail is very high.

It is possible to print on almost any material from plastics to aluminum, textiles to ferrous materials.

It is also possible to print a single design or logo on a single object, without the need to work on large series.

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Printing of logos and designs

It is possible to print logos and designs on a varied amount of materials.

This technology is suitable for both small and large runs; even printing of a single object is possible.

Printing on badge type card

Badges, credit and ATM cards, hotel entry cards, business cards can be personalized.

Print quality and detail are as high as a high-definition photograph.


Personalized nameplates

Logos, lettering and designs can be personalized with plaques and plaques for awards, events, anniversaries with a wide range of media choices.