design studios

Design studies

We propose style studies following the guidelines dictated by the client, making modifications until the final design is approved.

Our proposals are already thought out and studied so that they can then be realized either at the prototype level or at the industrial production level; after the design is defined and agreed upon, we proceed with the realization of the 3d mathematics.

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Automotive design

We provide design studies for the automotive industry, both for mechanical parts and for vehicle interior and exterior details.

Design for special means

We propose design studies intended for the production of special vehicles, cabins for agricultural vehicles, crane cabins, airport vehicles, fire-fighting vehicles, etc.. Each design is thought of the end use of the vehicle.

Giftware design

if you have an idea of an object you want to make, we will propose following your basic directions, to a design suitable for the requested object.

Design of instrument and equipment covers

Any device with electronics or components inside needs a cover/carter to protect the inside. We propose special design studies to protect instruments in the medical, optical, automotive, etc..