How we protect your data

In-Studio Project SRL, routinely collaborates with some of the largest companies in the Italian and international marketplace stands as a technological interlocutor and as such assumes the commitment to protect your Know How in all its forms.
Therefore, we can guarantee that any information pertaining to the preparation, development or realization of a design, prototype or models and molds will be kept by us in complete confidentiality. Before starting any work subject to trade secret, a confidentiality document called NDA will be signed by both parties where In-Studio Project SRLS takes responsibility for the safekeeping of sensitive information.

The confidentiality agreement (or NDA, Non Disclosure Agreement), in short, binds In-Studio Project SRLS to maintain the utmost confidentiality regarding any information received by virtue of the collaborative relationship (as long as it is not already in the public domain) with the client.
Obviously first and foremost, the 3D files that necessarily need to be exchanged to enable quotation and subsequent prototyping are to be understood as sensitive information.
Should the work of other entities (previously identified and selected) be required at a stage of the construction cycle or additional treatments, In-Studio Project SRLS stands surety for the work of such entities that will likewise operate with the utmost respect for the client’s privacy and know-how.