The anodizing process is an electrochemical treatment because it creates a protective layer of oxide on the surface of the metal to be treated and in doing so improves its mechanical properties, aesthetic appearance and increases its resistance to abrasion and chemical attack.

The anodizable materials and different types of processing available are shown in the menu below, because not all materials are machinable.

There are many fields of application where this technology is used, from the automotive sector to motorcycles, from railroads to specialty vehicles, from furniture to jewelry, but in particular it finds wide use in the nautical sector because the anodizing process allows strong resistance to the action of saltiness.

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Anodizable materials

The most commonly anodizable materials are some aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys, and titanium

Types of anodizing

There are many types of aonodization (in different colors) on the market, we ossiamo provide the following :

– Hard anodizing

– Hard pad anodizing

– Natural anodizing

– Anodizing for food use

– Anti-corrosion anodizing

– Alkaline anodizing


Workable quantities

We work from single model at the prototype level to large production.


Fields of application

Anodizing is used in any field where a particular product with the above materials is needed that is protected from weathering, functional or aesthetically, with a perfect surface as well.

The most common sectors are automotive and motorcycle, aerospace and defense, marine and rail, and furniture and jewelry.