3d design

3d design

We design any components that are part of industrial, automotive, medical, and custom projects born from an idea.

We take care from the inizal part of the design if necessary, and then continue with the project, to prototype to small, medium and large series production.

At the same time as the project, we supply all the necessary tables for various productions such as bending, laser or waterjet cutting, CNC machines.

For each project including multiple components, we complete the delivery with construction exploded views, assembly and product construction manuals.

The supply of construction files, will be the standard one according to the production machine that will be used.

To put the prototype into production, we design all the necessary equipment from cutting jigs to welding jigs, from painting jigs to assembly and inspection jigs.

Innovative design

Any design idea in order to be able to see it realized even at the prototype level, it needs to be digitally transformed so that it can be seen, evaluated, modified, and produced by special processing machines.

We take care of accompanying our client from his idea to production, advising him as best we can and realizing a feasible type of design by paying attention to future production costs already at this stage.

Design for industrialization

In order to put a product into the delicate production stage, the design must be revised to optimize production speed, cost, and assembly time.

This is’ a process that we provide to our customers on a daily basis, which allows them significant savings on both small, medium and large production.

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Specialty vehicle cab design

We do specialty vehicle design for airports, agricultural vehicles, crane cabs, fire trucks, rescue vehicles, and any type of vehicle that needs to be customized according to the end use.

We provide a complete project starting from design to the last construction board, including assembly manual and construction exploded views.

Design studies

Starting from basic information provided by the customer, we develop designs in any context, from automotive, medical, giftware, artistic, covers and casings to cover electronic parts, etc.

We provide designs that are already thought out in order to keep costs low for production and that are actually feasible.

Curved glass design and development

Designing special means, we develop custom curved glass for cabs and motor vehicles on a daily basis by providing the relevant 3d file and dimensioning and machining tables.

Carpentry design

We design carpentry structures for various manufacturing sectors, developing both tubular frames and sheets for laser cutting and bending, providing all documentation for construction and eventual approval.

Thermoforming mold design

Starting from the 3d file of the object, we prepare it for the production process by thermoforming by adding molds, etc., and then make the mold by numerically controlled machines, which depending on the production will be with cooling or without.