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In-Studio Project S.r.l.

Leading company in the field of 3d design, 3d printing, rapid prototyping. Our decades of experience will advise you to get your best product with the lowest possible cost. We use only professional-level machinery.

3D Design

Bring us your idea and we will implement your project. We provide mechanical design service, work on the design in order to mathematize it, industrialization of the design to make it producible on a large scale.

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3d printing

With different types of professional-level 3D printers only, we produce your project in a tight time frame, both at the prototype and mass production level.

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3D Scanning

We scan with highly professional 3D scanners your object of any type, shape and size in order to reproduce it in digital format.

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Reverse engineering

The reverse engineering service allows the scan to be mathematized in order to be able to provide a design in STP format of which there are no construction drawings or 3D files suitable for production.

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Material processing

We can supply machined products in ferrous materials, stainless steel, aluminum and plastic materials made with the most appropriate technology.


With 3,4,5-axis machines, we can make any type of model, whether at the prototype or large-scale level.

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We supply lathe-machined models in any material prepared for this type of machining either at the prototype or large-scale level.

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Metal laser cutting

Laser cutting on metal or aluminum sheets, with varying thickness.

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Laser cutting plastic materials

Laser cutting of plexiglass in different colors and thicknesses or any laserable material, with the possibility of insert application and bonding.

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We make objects by thermoforming in different materials and thicknesses. We take care from design to mold making to delivery of the finished model.

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Sandblasting of ferrous or plastic parts with the possibility of using ceramic microspheres for delicate parts.

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Digital Printing

Application on your projects any type of writing, logo, design in order to personalize the object or to produce a mockup identical to the original. We can customize a single object or large productions.

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Silicone molds

Through silicone molds, it is possible to reproduce particles that are identical to a model made with the injection mold, with a perfect surface with no machining marks

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After market product design

Design and production of aftermarket products for any type of industry especially automotive. We take care of scanning survey of the object, make 3D mathematics with related construction tables and then produce the first prototype and if required large-scale production.

Dimensional verification

Dimensional verification of any object; by 3D scanning with highly professional scanners, we can provide a clear and easy-to-interpret dimensional report to see if the scanned object is dissimilar to the original object.



Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping makes it possible to have an object quickly.

With 3D printing, we can make objects or prototypes quickly with different types of production and different types of materials depending on the use to which the object will be put.

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We paint your model with different types of paint, both spray and powder (for metal materials only).

We can paint on any kind of material predisposed to painting with a glossy, matte, soft touch, etc. surface finish.